1. My next book, The Freaks Shall Inherit the Earth says that weirdos and misfits are cool. Seth said We Are All Weird. I say that the personal business revolution is coming and that mass production i… http://ift.tt/1gwSeIh


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  4. Sometimes it means, “there isn’t enough money to pay for that.” Certainly, among the undeserved poor, this happens all the time. And for things like health care and education, tragically, it happens too… http://ift.tt/1dhBVyu


  5. Courageous, strong beautiful woman posting up their no make up selfies to raise support for Cancer. I love these expressions of celebrating natural beauty. http://ift.tt/1h1ed57


  6. It’s easy to be in pursuit of the new. To change things up, to open the senses, to push the boundaries. We’ve become hard-wired for new. New messages. New opportunities. New us. But sometimes, embr… http://ift.tt/1j7YkAK


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  8. Twitter is testing a feature that groups your fave people into one section. http://ift.tt/OC6ALq


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  10. Chartbeat’s come out with new data on reader engagement on media sites. Here’s what it means for marketers. http://ift.tt/1ogun0f